Contact Marie Dewulf Ready to blossom? Don’t know where to start, what to do or how to get there? “Happiness is not a destination. Rather it is a manner of travelling.” Patricia Keener

Life Coaching

Life coaching is about taking time for yourself in order to identify the gaps which exist between where you are, and where you want to be. It can help you to better understand what you want and the steps needed to achieve this. The process ensures you remain aligned with your core values and needs. You build on the strengths you have and strengthen the ones you may need, i.e. communication, leadership etc.

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Career/Transition Coaching

Relocation, international or national, can affect your career/job transition cycle. Whether you are looking to re-enter the job market after a career break, or are interested in exploring a change in path a Career Coach can help. A Career Coach can assist you in gaining better insight into what steps should and need to be taken, and what needs to be considered as you explore greater job satisfaction – whether it is in your current career, a new one or in starting a business.

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Workshops (Group Work)

There is an African proverb which best captures the essence of Coach2MoveOn’s group work: “alone you can go faster, together you can go further.”

Under the guidance of Marie Dewulf, and with the encouragement and insight of fellow participants, you will be guided through a self-reflective and supportive process.

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For Marie Dewulf coaching is about unlocking the potential within everyone, and not allowing challenges to keep us down, but rather, about confronting them; learning from them and with this knowledge, moving on.