Career Orientation Group


Everyone knows that ‘two heads’ are better than one; that networking is a key step towards finding a job; that networking also helps to fine tune the presentation of who you are and what you are looking for and that together more is achieved, than alone. For job seekers and those considering a change in career, the Career Orientation Group is an ideal (low threshold) starting point. Participants are guided through a self-reflective and supportive process of identifying what their personal needs and values are; what they want and have to offer; what is holding them back; what can help and what steps need to be taken. Together with like-minded people facing similar questions Marie Dewulf will guide you through exercises, encourage the sharing of experiences and provide helpful tips and encouragement. By the end you will feel more confident; have a support group to call upon when needed; have people in your network who know what it is you want and how they may be able to help.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Review of career drivers, values
  • Reflection on the ideal environment in which your skills are applicable
  • Identifying your skills and transferable skills
  • Definition of your target – job; career profile; part-time; full-time; own business; volunteering
  • Discovering what the barriers are
  • Identifying the bridges to overcome your barriers
  • Pinpointing what is important in a career, your professional identity
  • Setting goals

Format: 8 X 2 hour block sessions. Cost: €480 without VAT per person. Includes a one-hour personal session with Marie to be taken within 3 months of the group sessions, and refreshments during the group meetings. Dates: On demand  Location: The Hague or other places on request. Also via Skype Participants per group: Max 10 – Min 3

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