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Each client has their own unique challenges and goals. What they have in common, is a deep desire to kickstart a meaningful work life.

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People who were looking for a job


What Marie has done for me? Have you ever been caught between two trapezes? I dangled there jobless, directionless, lost. Drained of confidence, I applied to all sorts of jobs because I didn’t know what I was good at. Every rejection letter left me weaker. Marie pulled me together and led me to realize the many things I’ have done, what I can do and most importantly, what I love doing. She helped me believe in myself again. She led me with kindness, letting me discover for myself all that I carried within. After 3 months of sorting, I finally tuned out all the voices willing me to fail and tuned into the small, soft voice that said – I can, and I will. The moment I finally declared myself above all else, a writer, was the moment I reached forward to my trapeze, grasping it with confidence and flew forward.

Sue, Canadian

Marie is very organised, communicative, and full of energy, I could relate to her as a fellow expat. In her workshop she listened to our weaknesses and transformed them into strengths. She listened to our fears and limiting beliefs and she changed those into our new hopes and confidence. Thank you, Marie!

Shauma, Indonesian

Our sessions brought me a new perspective on how to use my current skills in a new job market. She encouraged me to stay motivated, reflect on my strengths and define a clear strategy to successfully tackle the expatriation process. I valued her experience in career adaptation for expats.

Alessandra, Mexican

Grace au coaching de Marie, j’ai appris à être Moi. Se connaitre vraiment est la clé de la résolution de ses problèmes. J’avais contacté Marie dans l’espoir d’y voir plus clair Marie, une coach formidable et absolument professionnelle, a su dépasser mes attentes. Je n’ai pas seulement découvert Moi, mais j’ai aussi appris à voir le monde qui m’entoure différemment et à l’apprécier tel qu’il est. Grâce à Marie j’entame un nouveau chapitre de ma vie intitulé « Le bonheur c’est simple, c’est être soi-même ».

Laurence, française

Marie a su mettre le doigt sur mes qualités, que je ne prenais pas comme telles. Elle a su respecter mon rythme, me laissant le temps de mettre en place ce dont j’avais besoin pour ma demande. Elle recentre et soutien sans influencer. J’ai particulièrement aimé son écoute et le cadre bienveillant nécessaire au changement.

Violaine, française


Marie is a great career coach and an amazing guide who helped me broaden my perspective and question how I defined certain concepts and ideas in my new career in the Netherlands. She is very sensitive to individual needs and has to-the- point solutions and genuine empathy. I am so happy that her guidance turned out into a great journey of reflection on my ideas, mindset, skills, and everything that I took for granted.

Esra, Turkish

I attended Marie’s “unlock your potential’ workshop at TU Delft. Her tools and coaching led me to dig deep inside my potential, my skills and enhance my learning like never before. It was an immensely insightful experience as she lifted my hopes and broadened my horizon in many aspects. I truly recommend her to anyone who is looking for career coaching, especially expats.

Hania, Pakistani

I struggled with self-esteem, time organization, and emotions, which inevitably affected my values, goals, and ambitions. Coaching has changed the way I think and live; I am now clear of my values, able to cope with emotions, and am strongly driven to achieve success in my career. I strongly recommend coaching as it has given me a new lease of life, and I know I will be able to apply what I have learnt to every aspect of my life.

Jane, Malaysian


Lorsque j’ai fait appel à Marie, je me trouvais dans une impasse. Mes enfants quittant définitivement le nid, je peinais à trouver un sens nouveau à ma vie. J’avais perdu confiance en moi. Marie m’a permis de faire le bilan de toute une tranche de vie, et m’a aidé à amorcer en douceur un autre chapitre dans mon scénario de vie. Nos échanges réguliers, dans un endroit paisible où je me sentais accueillie et écoutée, l’utilisation des nombreux et variés outils de coaching pour progresser sur mon chemin, ont été essentiels pour traverser ce processus de changement. Pour moi Marie, en trois élans d’énergie, c’est : ‘force tranquille’, ‘attention perspicace’ et ‘bienveillance sans complaisance’. Son regard sans jugement, de profonde confiance dans mes potentiels sommeillant en silence sous des couches de croyances limitatives est le fil conducteur qui m’a guidé durant cette période. La vie s’est ré-ouverte à moi.

Marie, belge

I am writing this email to share some good news with you. I applied for a job at the end of September with a positive mindset and quite confident manner mostly thanks to our sessions. It was the job of my dreams where I can combine all my experience, my theory, my soft skills and passions. I used all the tricks and important points you explained while preparing my CV. They finally invited me for an interview, and to another one, both of which I studied and practised sooo much. And now I have been offered a full-time contract 🙂 You cannot imagine how happy I am. I would not have done so well without you. You showed me that I should not be obsessed with my previous career, this was a game-changer for me. You showed me how my perspective can change a lot of things and turn negatives into positives. I am so glad I was rejected by all those previous job applications because otherwise, I wouldn`t have been able to find this great job 🙂

Luna, Turkish


I started the coaching sessions with Marie in one of the most difficult times of my life… Her understanding and compassion helped me “to move on”! Session by session I learned first to find peace and balance in my mind and soul, and then to identify and establish my goals. I learned how I can be stronger in difficult moments and how to think more positively. I learned to discover and improve my skills and focus on what “I can do” instead of what “I have to do”! In my opinion, Marie has a real talent in understanding people’s needs and the right qualifications to help people reveal themselves!
I still apply her advice in my daily life!

Lia Bulgarian


Marie est une coach impliquée, qui aide son client à résoudre sa problématique concrètement. Elle a une panoplie d’outils étendue et différente de ce qui est utilisé habituellement, ce qui permet de se questionner autrement, d’envisager les situations sous un autre angle.
Son sens de l’analyse favorise la prise de recul et son empathie rend les séances fluides et agréables.

Sophie, française

Marie m’a aidée lors d’une période très incertaine. Par son approche douce et bienveillante et son expertise du coaching elle m’a aidée à reprendre pied et décider ce qui était important pour moi. J ’ai continué le travail avec elle pour la période de transition qui a suivi (changement d’expatriation) puis sur une problématique de carrière afin de définir mon nouveau projet professionnel. J’ai grandement apprécié sa démarche rigoureuse, ses explications claires, sa bienveillance et sa disponibilité.

Emmanuelle, française

People who were unsatisfied with their job

I felt stuck in my work, was not sure what direction to take and needed somebody to guide me in my reflections. Marie did just that. It was a lot of work, with time to reflect on the relevant questions that Marie was bouncing back at me. It “forced” me to think about what the most important aspect(s) were for me in a job, but also about a healthy work/life balance. As a result, I took on a new job opportunity I am very much looking forward to! Thanks Marie!

Elodie, French

After working 17 years for the same company, I needed a break to understand what I really wanted in my professional life. Marie helped me identify my work values, my most relevant skills and what really fulfils me. She made me rethink some misconceptions I had about myself and provided me with useful tools. On a practical level, Marie shares a lot of useful information sources and tips on how to take action and who to contact, in order to achieve a certain goal. On top of this, Marie is warm, encouraging and easy to get along with. 

Sonia, Portuguese

Le coaching m’a guidé sur le chemin du changement et m’a permis de développer une nouvelle approche. 
Marie applique une approche très douce et respectueuse, a une manière très constructive de confronter son client avec ses “croyances limitantes” et donne un feed-back nourrissant et éclaircissant. Marie transmet des outils très pratiques et très enrichissants menant à une meilleure communication avec soi-même et notre environnement.” 
Top Qualités: Expert, Intégrité, Creative

Valérie, française

I chose to work with a Life & Career Coach, rather than a Recruitment Consultant, as I wanted to change my profession and not just find a job. Marie helped me pinpoint what I was searching for and define what would I needed to be happy and confident in my new career. These new goals and strategies ensured that I would not make the same mistakes I had previously, when undertaking a new role. I was then ready and got the first job that I applied for.

Jeanne, Australian

When I first approached Marie, I had several issues I wanted to tackle. Marie never judged but asked the right questions, challenged my assumptions, and helped me reach the conclusion that I needed to prioritize and set priorities. I have learned a lot from the insights I gained during the sessions, the ‘homework’ she gave me made me take time to reflect. I am thankful for the lessons I learned. 

Esther, Dutch

Great Results, Personable, Creative.

Christine, German

Grâce à Marie, j’ai osé franchir un cap professionnel que je n’aurais pas osé entreprendre seule. En fait, je n’y aurais peut-être pas pensé tout simplement. Marie ne m’a pas soufflé les solutions mais m’a donné les outils permettant de faire mes propres choix.

Catherine, française

I decided to leave my job and transition to something new, but I was not sure what that was. I was also new to the Netherlands and struggling with the transition. Having been an expat herself, Marie helped me to navigate a new job market and cultural setting as well. The process of coaching helped me regain my confidence. Before that I felt low, overwhelmed, confused, and lost. Marie brought me clarity and helped me see and take my path. I searched for and applied to jobs that were more meaningful to me and got one which fits both my career goals and personality. I feel much more confident in myself and gained an ever-deeper insight into who I am. Marie is warm, caring, and insightful. She guides you to be a better version of yourself and to unlock the best you have inside of you. I am so grateful that I worked with Marie.

Caitlin, American

I appreciated her structured and professional approach to go into depth in several areas, as well as her flexibility to make changes that we thought together were best. I was in a rush to see changes quickly, however Marie guided me through her wisdom in a more long-term and stable approach to change. I noticed tremendous changes in my behaviour, decision-making, confidence, and I have made some big changes to my life thanks to our work together. Thank you!

Isabel, Third Cultural Adult

I did not think I could find a new profession at my age, Marie helped me believe in the possibility of change and I did! Thank you, Marie, for your professional approach and the warm contact during our sessions.

Irene, Argentinian

People who wanted more out of their job

By using the right framing tools, she enabled me to ask the right questions and find the answers in order to develop a new career path.

Thierry, Belgian

Marie gave me the tools to put my work life in perspective by asking the tough questions that helped me see things from different perspectives. She advised in a professional and empathetic manner and provided effective feedback. I recommend Marie’s services to anyone looking for career guidance or coaching. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Kathrin, German

Thought provoking, Soul searching, Inspiring!!!

Sue, South-African

I thoroughly enjoyed the Coach2MoveOn workshops.  They were a great help in my interaction with other internationals, but most of all, they gave me back a self-confidence I thought I’d lost for ever.  I feel like a different, more assertive and positive person as a result which is altogether a wonderful feeling!

Patricia, Belgian-English

Le travail sur moi-même réalisé avec Marie a été une de mes meilleures expériences ces dernière années. Un an après, je ressens toujours les effets bénéfiques de ce coaching dont l’investissement a été plus que valable et ce d’autant plus dans une vision à long terme.

Céline, française

I recently worked with Marie in preparation for a big life change and move. She was very professional, organised and insightful. My goal was to feel confident and prepared for my move and that is exactly how I felt at the end of the process. I really appreciated that she created a coaching plan that was tailored to my specific needs. I highly recommend Marie as a life and career coach. 

Janice, Canadian

J’allais vite et étais pressée tout le temps…. Je ne savais pas où j’allais, ça m’angoissait ; mais je continuais à courir … Avec le coaching, j’ai fait un arrêt de réflexion, ça m’a aidé à regarder avec compréhension et non avec appréhension l’origine de toute cette course et j’y ai trouvé un tremplin pour me projeter dans l’avenir. Merci Marie.

Luz, mexicaine

Marie is strongly committed towards her clients with high standards of professionalism and ethics. I found the approach covering career and personal very complete, where all puzzle pieces could be discussed openly. Marie is very approachable and knows how to balance challenge and support. 
In one word, INSPIRING…

Anyvonne, French

Marie helped me learn new skills and attitudes in order to communicate better. Marie gives great advice with warmth and has a wealth of information at her fingertips. I recommend her highly!” Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Nancy, American

Marie is een coach die mij heel doelbewust, gestructureerd en kritisch heeft meegenomen om na te denken over mijn eigen persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Na zes jaar als zelfstandig communicatieadviseur kwam uiteindelijk ook bij mij de vraag hoe ik mijn weg wil vervolgen. Mijn koers is weer bepaald en ik weet welke richting ik in wil gaan. Uitgangspunt is daarbij mijn eigen, intrinsieke kracht en wensen. Marie is een positief-kritische spiegel die je verder helpt.

Linda, Nederlands