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I will focus on you. Tell me what you want & I show you the way how to create it. If you don’t know what you want, I will help you to define it. Let’s do that together it’s more fun!




What Marie has done for me? Have you ever been caught between two trapezes? I dangled there jobless, directionless, lost. Drained of confidence, I applied to all sorts of jobs because I didn’t know what I was good at. Every rejection letter left me weaker. Marie pulled me together and led me to realize the many things I’ have done, what I can do and most importantly, what I love doing. She helped me believe in myself again. She led me with kindness, letting me discover for myself all that I carried within. After 3 months of sorting, I finally tuned out all the voices willing me to fail and tuned into the small, soft voice that said – I can, and I will. The moment I finally declared myself above all else, a writer, was the moment I reached forward to my trapeze, grasping it with confidence and flew forward.

-Sue, Canadian