Discover Your Gremlins


Have you been craving to make real and lasting changes in your life but struggling to make that first, defining step? With everything we have going on in everyday life, it’s sometimes easy to get distracted from our goals. And, often it is the silent expectations we think others have of us ….’the gremlins in our heads’ – which slow or weigh us down. How would you feel if you could limit those inner voices which tell you ‘to be strong,’ urge you to ‘please others’ (before yourself), tell you to ‘be perfect or make an (greater)effort’, which always seem to be saying ‘Hurry up’. These gremlins influence and affect our behaviour without us even being aware of it. By bringing them into the light of day, we miraculously find that they lose their hold over us! Format: 1 X 2hour block sessions 10– 12 pm Cost: € 60 per person without VAT and refreshments during the group meetings. Date: On demand. Location: The Hague or other places on request. Also via Skype. Participants per group: Max 10  – Min 3

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