Discovery Circle


A Discovery Circle offers you a space where your challenges, concerns and reflections are addressed in a professional and caring atmosphere. This low-threshold support system has been created in response to the demand for such an environment in which people in similar situations can exchange information and support. In a learning circle a small group of people  come together for 2 hours on a Friday morning and discuss a certain topic or what they would like to achieve in their life. This is a very powerful tool for personal development, since the group is very supportive for each individual participant.

We start the sessions by asking: What troubles you at the moment or what would you like to achieve?

  • become more self-confident, to believe in myself, to (re)shape my identity
  • make my relocation rewarding, get more out of my expat life …
  • integrate and feel at home
  • have a better relationship with my boss, colleges, partner
  • communicate effectively
  • find a balance between work and personal life

Format: 1 X 2hour block sessions 10 – 12 pm Cost: € 5 per person plus 21% VAT and refreshments during the group meetings. Date: send us an email  Location: The Hague Participants per group: Max 8 – Min 3 Please send an email to register and I will contact you with further details

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