Entrepreneurship as a Lifestyle


Self-employment entrepreneur or running your own business can be an attractive alternative when you live abroad. Especially in the Netherlands, there is a very supportive climate for starting your own business. You certainly have to bear in mind that “Being prepared is the key to success.” You want to be sure that you didn’t miss anything? Entrepreneurship by lifestyle is designed to assist accompanying partners in their search of starting their own business in The Netherlands.


  • Identify your career drivers, values and favourite working conditions /environment
  • Identify your skills & transferable skills
  • Do a reality check and make note of what needs to be taken into consideration
  • Ask the tough questions to see if being an entrepreneur is really something for you
  • Discover what is blocking you on your journey to success
  • Gain better insight of what a successful career means to you
  • Plan your goals for the coming month
  • Enhance your self-esteem (particularly for those unemployed)
  • Have a sparring partner throughout the emotional process
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