Marie, une coach formidable et absolument professionelle, a su dépassé mes attentes. Je n'ai pas seulement découvert Moi, mais j'ai aussi appris à voir le monde qui m'entoure différemment et à l'apprécier tel qu'il est. C'est grâce à Marie que j'entame un nouveau chapitre de ma vie intitulé " Le bonheur c'est simple, c'est être soi-même ".Laurence
Je suis aujourd’hui , trois mois après la séance de clôture très satisfaite. Grâce à Marie, j’ai osé franchir un cap professionnel que je n’aurais surement pas osé entreprendre seule. Marie ne m’a pas soufflé les solutions mais m’a donné les outils permettant de faire mes propres choix.Catherine
During the workshop we were challenged to list our own values and link them with the values of DSM. Personal dilemmas were used as a backbone for a discussion. This was interesting with a group of such different women (who) in the end shared this conclusion: although it is sometimes difficult to find the right path, it is rewarding and energizing to understand your own core values and act accordingly.Maaike Strijker
I thoroughly enjoyed the Coach2MoveOn workshops.  They were a great help they gave me back a self-confidence I thought I'd lost for ever.  I feel like a different, more assertive and positive person as a result which is altogether a wonderful feeling!Patricia
I very much enjoyed working with Marie on the topic of defining a new career. She is very flexible, good at following up on exercises and helped me to work towards my goals in a structured way. It was a very valuable experience where I will also benefit from in the future.Christine Petry
Marie helped me to pinpoint what it was that I was searching for, as well as working with me to define what would assist me to be happy and confident in my new career. Once this learning had taken place, I was ready to go out and start the job hunting process. I got the first job that I applied for.Jeanne
Coaching has changed the way I think and live; I am now clear of my values, able to cope with emotions, and am strongly driven to achieve success in my career. I strongly recommend coaching as it has given me a new lease of life.Jane
Marie applique une approche très douce et respectueuse, a une manière très constructive de confronter son client avec ses “croyances limitantes” et donne un feed-back nourrissant et éclaircissant.
Valérie de Meyer
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