How Marie helped Arlette create a career and lifestyle she loves – in only a few months!

About Arlette

Arlette is in her mid-30s. She works in the Netherlands as a Marketing Manager and is originally from France. 

How Arlette’s idea of her dream life suddenly fell apart

Arlette was always busy, focusing on gaining success and recognition. She worked hard and often agreed to take on new, demanding projects in addition to her existing responsibilities. But the extra work didn’t excite her. Arlette wasn’t happy at the company and sent out a lot of CVs to get a new job. But she only received rejections.

Then Covid happened. The lockdown put her relationship under intense pressure and threatened her dream of having children. Arlette’s work performance deteriorated with the combined stress at work and home. The situation affected her so much that it led to burnout, and she needed to take time away from work. 

Arlette felt crushed by her strong feelings with no idea how to help herself

With burnout and her relationship falling apart, Arlette didn’t recognise herself. She always used to be positive, energetic and solution-driven. Now she constantly cried and blamed her partner and job for how she felt. Arlette felt stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, angry and depressed. And she didn’t know how to handle all these feelings. With no energy, she lacked self-confidence and felt utterly lost.  

“My goal was to seek concrete support in helping identify my ideal job and rebuild a life I love.”

How Marie became the solution to help Arlette find her happiness again

Via a recommendation, Arlette got in touch with Marie for the support and guidance she craved. Marie offered her a personalised approach, first dealing with her personal issues before moving on to her job search. Arlette realised that Marie’s suggestion was the key to unlocking her happiness. 

Marie listened to Arlette and always showed professionalism, empathy, and guidance without judgment. She never offered her opinions. Instead, she asked questions to guide Arlette through her problems. 

“The coaching sessions with Marie were moments where I could focus 100% on myself. I discovered feelings I was unaware of, and it helped me better understand what defines and makes me happy.” 

How personalised homework helped Arlette find what makes her fulfilled

After each session, Arlette received exercises to help her reflect on herself. To start, she reminded herself of what makes her feel good. Arlette created a list of things and activities she loves, which are now part of her routine. She still keeps this list easily accessible to add to it and to remind herself of what she needs.  

The last exercise was a skills audit to understand her strengths better. It made Arlette understand her work achievements and what motivates her at work. She defined her ideal workplace and her perfect working day. With this exercise, Arlette reached her goal of working with Marie.     

10 months to an energising new lifestyle and a new perfect job

Arlette found a new job she loves shortly after her coaching sessions finished. After her relationship ended, she created a new lifestyle that makes her feel happy and energised.  

Moving into her own place, she decorated it in her own style. Arlette also started new hobbies. Playing tennis and painting invigorates her. And she meets with friends and family regularly. To recharge, she goes to the coast to swim in the sea.  

Confidence and understanding herself have been the key to her success

One of the key areas Marie helped Arlette with was to increase her self-confidence. Arlette no longer adapts her behaviour depending on who she meets. And she says ‘no’ to requests that don’t align with her. With increased self-awareness, Arlette can avoid future burnout. Today, she also has the tools to manage her emotions and feels much lighter.

“The coaching sessions with Marie helped me focus on what was important to me. It helped me articulate what I like or dislike in a job and understand what makes me happy personally and professionally.”

A new powerful personal brand and a targeted CV created more opportunities

Ready to resume her job search, Marie guided Arlette to define her career goals and take focused action towards them. Marie also helped her to:  

  1. Create a powerful professional brand.
  2. Have a safe space to improve her skills through personalised one-to-one feedback.
  3. Be better prepared for interviews, which increased her interview performance. 

“Marie helped me implement a focused strategy with concrete actions and eliminate my doubts and confusion. I learned to brand myself on my CV and approach interviews with a positive growth attitude.”  

In 10 months, Marie helped Arlette rebuild her life. Arlette found her ideal job and created a lifestyle she loves. But she has kept Marie’s details if she needs any support in the future. 

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Written by Sara Janasz  – Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash