Life Coaching

Life coaching is about taking time for yourself in order to identify the gaps which exist between where you are, and where you want to be. It can help you to better understand what you want and the steps needed to achieve this. The process ensures you remain aligned with your core values and needs. You build on the strengths you have and strengthen the ones you may need, i.e. communication, leadership etc.

Starting a coaching process means you are in search of a better quality of life, looking for more fulfillment, better balance and identifying a way in which to achieve that which you desire. Once started, what you learn and discover about yourself will prepare you to successfully tackle future challenges and transitions.

Individual coaching sessions can take place in person, in The Hague, or via Skype. Each session is followed up with an email recapping agreements made and steps to be taken. The frequency of the sessions is up to you.

Questions you may have for which life coaching can help, include:
  • I am in the middle of a personal crisis and need to manage my life but how?
  • There is just too much going on in my life – how do I find my way?
  • I am repeating the same mistakes whithout knowing why?
  • I would like to get involved in some new activities but don’t have the confidence to do so.
  • How can I improve my relationships?
  • How do I structure my day? I am getting lost in bits and pieces.
  • How can I reduce my stress level?
  • How do I begin a conversation at a networking evening?
  • How can I improve my Work/Life balance?
  • How can I effectively communicate?
Possible Approaches
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