Personal Values as a Personal Compass


When we are aware of our core values, every decision we make is easier. There are many roads open to us, many mountains to climb. But, what if when we get to the end, or the top, we discover it was not the right one? Without a clear idea of what our values are any achievement runs the risk of being shortlived. At some point it may conflict with an underlying, and undiscovered value. A life coach can assist in identifying what is important to you as a: professional; mother; colleague; (accompanying/trailing) spouse and friend, and help you follow the path best suited to you.


  • unhappy in your current situation?
  • at crossroads, not sure which direction to take?
  • thinking of a career change or going back to work?
  • hesitating to set up your own business?
  • doubting how you can support your children with their own challenges?

If you answer YES to one of these questions join us for this interactive workshop (or approach to life coaching). It offers a down to earth and practical approach to help you achieve what you want for yourself. This could be developing a plan of action to get settled quickly into a new posting or finding direction and deciding what you want from your time abroad, personally and professionally. Whatever your situation this interactive workshop is about discovering and clarifying what is important to YOU: as a person and/or as a professional/parent. Relocating is challenging, it can also be rewarding!


  • Identify your values and needs so that you can make decisions more easily.
  • To be clear about your boundaries
  • To be more consistent
  • To reflect on how you want things to be
  • To show you how to start taking action
  • To have more constructive and open communication

Format: 1 X 3hour block sessions 9.30 – 12.30 Cost: €90 per person without VAT. Includes a one-hour personal Skype session with Marie, to be taken within a month of the group sessions and refreshments during the group meetings. Date: On demand Location: The Hague or other places on request also via Skype Participants per group: Max 10 – Min 3

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