During the workshop we were challenged to list our own values and link them with the values of DSM. Personal dilemmas were used as a backbone for a discussion. This was interesting with a group of such different women (who) in the end shared this conclusion: although it is sometimes difficult to find the right path, it is rewarding and energizing to understand your own core values and act accordingly.Maaike Strijker
I thoroughly enjoyed the Coach2MoveOn workshops.  They were a great help they gave me back a self-confidence I thought I'd lost for ever.  I feel like a different, more assertive and positive person as a result which is altogether a wonderful feeling!Patricia
I very much enjoyed working with Marie on the topic of defining a new career. She is very flexible, good at following up on exercises and helped me to work towards my goals in a structured way. It was a very valuable experience where I will also benefit from in the future.Christine Petry
Marie helped me to pinpoint what it was that I was searching for, as well as working with me to define what would assist me to be happy and confident in my new career. Once this learning had taken place, I was ready to go out and start the job hunting process. I got the first job that I applied for.Jeanne
Coaching has changed the way I think and live; I am now clear of my values, able to cope with emotions, and am strongly driven to achieve success in my career. I strongly recommend coaching as it has given me a new lease of life.Jane
I recommend Marie's services to anyone looking for career guidance or coaching (also parental coaching). She advised in a professional and empathetic manner and provided effective feedback.Kathrin Legrand
Marie applique une approche très douce et respectueuse, a une manière très constructive de confronter son client avec ses “croyances limitantes” et donne un feed-back nourrissant et éclaircissant.
Valérie de Meyer
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