Transitions Made Easy: a guide to moving and adjusting with ease


Are you part of an organisation that caters to expatriates? Do you think you could benefit from learning the skills to manage Culture Shock? Do you feel overwhelmed and unhappy? If any of the above applies to you this workshop is the one you need to settle well in the Netherlands. It is a new innovative way to look at and manage the old phenomenon of Culture Shock. As you well know, nearly all expatriate assignments start with a steep adjustment curve, known as Culture Shock. This curve can either last a few days, a few months, or even extend into the entire time the employee is abroad. This curve is what can make or break the successful expatriate experience for the assignees, their families, and their companies. How much risk do you want to take with your human capital?


  • An entirely fresh look at Culture Shock
  • Ability to recognise Culture Shock and its affects
  • Identification of internal and external factors of a difficult transition
  • Three easy to use and fun tools for managing Culture Shock
  • Understanding what gets in the way of having an easy transition
  • A customised and easy to execute action plan for adjusting to a new place.

Format: 1 X 2hour block sessions 10– 12 pm Cost: € 60 per person without VAT and refreshments during the group meetings. Date: On demand Location: The Hague or other places on request. Also via Skype.  Participants per group: Max 10 – Min 3

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