For Whom

People who choose coaching are people who have made the decision to grow and explore their full potential. They are committed to taking control of their life and their future, and have the desire to get even more out of their lives.

People who can benefit from the individual or group coaching provided by Coach2MoveOn include:

  • Expatriates on a new or repeated assignment
  • Repatriates returning to an unfamiliar, ‘familiar’ environment
  • Individuals looking for a job, or re-entering the job market after a career break
  • Individuals looking for a career change

Questions you may have for which coaching can help, include:

Personal questions:
  • How do I structure my day? I am getting lost in bits and pieces
  • How can I reduce my stress level?
  • I am in the middle of a personal crisis and need to manage my life but how?
  • I would like to get involved in some new activities but don’t have the confidence to do so.
  • There is just too much going on in my life – how do I find my way?
Career related:
  • What are my resources? And how and where can I apply them?
  • Do I really know what I want in life or do I follow other’s people’s opinions?
  • Our company is undergoing major changes and I find it hard to deal with them.
  • For some reason the relationship with my colleagues, boss has deteriorated- what can I do?

Marie Dewulf offers short workshops during lunch breaks or networking events on various topics, among them:

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